Makeup Tips

Is there a miracle method to get your makeup to hold all day long?

Here's a trick used by makeup professionals: brush on a bit of powder after putting on your makeup to set it for flawless looking wear. During fashion shows, the models' makeup is sprayed with TONIQUE DOUCEUR for guaranteed gorgeous results!

My nose is rather wide and a bit on the long side. How can I conceal this?

Here are four tricks for all there is to know about makeup: 

1: Dark colours make things look smaller. So use a slightly darker shade on the area you wish to downplay.

2: Light colours, on the other hand, make things look bigger.

3: Matt colours make things look flatter (think of traditional Japanese makeup).

4: Shiny colours add volume.

In your case, it's best to use a matt colour that's slightly darker than your skin tone on the tip of your nose and a light, slightly shiny colour on the bridge. And for the wings of your nose, use a dark, matt colour. That's all you need to know!

I have dark circles under my eyes - from birth not fatigue. How can I conceal them?

In this case, apply only a specific concealer to your dark circles. The secret? Choose a colour that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Can you explain how I should apply my concealer?

Dab a small amount onto skin with a fingertip and blend where necessary.

What mascara should I choose?

Each mascara offers a specific result. Select the mascara that you like and then see what result it produces by reading the product description. Or you can have your mascara diagnosis done online!

I'm having a problem with my lip contours - they're full of tiny grooves!

It is important to use a specific lipcare morning and night, such as Nutrix Lèvres or Absolue Lèvres Precious Cells, which smooth away these grooves. We also recommend using Crayon Contour des lèvres lip pencil and a light lipstick colour.

My skin is very oily. It tends to look greasy and uneven and I often have spots. What should I do?

Your objective: remove shine and hide imperfections.

- Use a foundation that offers full coverage and is specially formulated for oily skin, such as MAQUIMAT ULTRA NATUREL. It will even out your complexion while helping to prevent the appearance of shine.

- When you have applied a small amount of foundation, spray on a mist of toner. This will help set your makeup while also providing a pleasant sensation of freshness. 

- Powder your face with MAT FINISH. The powder will create a matt, velvety finish. 

- As for blush, choose powder rather than cream textures. They are lighter and do not emphasise imperfections.

You can also apply PURE FOCUS T-ZONE to your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). This skincare product can be used over or under makeup, in the morning or for touch-ups during the day to help prevent shiny appearance.

How can I prevent my foundation from looking off?

More often than not, the problem is the colour. When you choose a foundation, make sure that the shade is as close as possible to your skin tone. Try it out on your neck, not on your hands. Remember that seasons are important. The foundation you buy in the middle of winter won't work in the summer when you've got a tan.

Does makeup cause blackheads?

Of course not. Lancôme foundations only contain non-comedogenic ingredients.

They're tested extensively to make sure that they meet this very important requirement.

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