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  1. Frank was quiet man with a heart of gold
    An air of sadness passed over the Pearse Park area of Drogheda during the first week in September last when news came through that a life-time resident of that estate, Frank Brennan, had passed away.
  2. A farewell lesson from Aslan the mighty cat
    A knock on the door sometimes heralds bad news. Two days ago, at 10am, I heard a loud knock-knock on my front door. I was expecting a friend, and indeed, it was herself. But she was agitated and struggling to speak. Finally she said it: 'There's a cat lying stretched out on your drive - and I'm not sure if he's alive.'
  3. Gardai awarded Scott Medals for courage
    Two local gardai have been awarded Bronze Scott Medals for outstanding bravery in the line of duty.
  4. 'Since when did Ardee have areas of deprivation?'
    A Drogheda Councillor raised objections to the inclusion of Ardee in the latest RAPID funding project, claiming the area does not suffer from deprivation.
  5. Memorial to Thomas Wright to be unveiled
    Descendants of Thomas Charles Wright are to travel to Drogheda from South America next summer to unveil a monument to the man who founded the Ecuadorian navy in Guayaquil.
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